Hair removal has never been so ‘clean+easy’

‘clean+easy’ uses a patented roller head system and is the world leader in roller wax hair removal. With ‘clean+easy’ you will achieve perfect results every time because the unique roller system applies the perfect amount of wax. The range provides the waxing professional with everything required to offer a full professional waxing service and makes waxing quick, hygienic and comfortable.

The roller heads are completely hygienic as no wax is returned back into the cartridge after contact with the skin. Roller waxing means no drips so you will never spill wax on our clients.

The wax applies at the right temperature and thickness which means no burns.

Made from high quality ingredients, made to flow smoothly through the roller head.

The cartridge design means that wax is dispensed fast, so your treatment times are shorter and you can have more treatments in less time.

The smooth, thin application of the product and the temperature of the wax give you a more comfortable treatment.