Is a technique of removing hair practiced since ancient times in the Middle East, South Asia and South-East Asia and now becoming popular in the West. Threading involves twisting a thread of pure cotton between the fingers and around rows of hair to pull them out of their roots. It is commonly used by beauty therapists. Threading is a technique of removing unwanted facial hair.

Threading is most commonly used for eyebrow shaping; removing facial hair, like hair from upper and lower lips, chin, sideburns, and space between eyebrows and for removing hair from any body part, especially where smaller amounts of hair need to be removed.

Threading removes many hairs in one go, in contrast to tweezing or plucking, where hairs are removed one by one; so, it is a faster and less painful method of removing hair. For example, threading a set of eyebrows usually takes around 5 -15 minutes and threading the upper lip takes around 1-2 minutes by a skilled professional, whereas plucking the eyebrows can take anywhere from 15-30 minutes.

Threading is the cheapest and quickest type of facial hair removal without any form of major discomfort of pain.