Majerel – natural, long lasting colour
INOA – ammonia & odour free colour
Luocolour – translucent colour
Platinium – pre lightening, ultimate condition, tailored hi-lights, perfect blondes up to 7 levels of lift


Diacolour – tone on tone colour giving fabulous softness and shine
Diacolour Richesse – tone on tone colour, nourishing, high shine shimmering effects L’Oreal Professionnel Texture Range

X-tenso Moisturist –
uses new technology for increased conditioning and smoothing. Not only does it contain softening waxes, but it also works with NUTRICATIONIC TECHNOLOGY. It also boosts the hair’s condition and allows active treatment ingredients to be delivered to where they are most needed on the hair. Giving you the perfect degree of smoothing, whether you want to de-volumise, retain some volume, or go very smooth. Xtenso Moisturist creates a straightner smooth ‘natural looking’ finish to achieve the BRAZILIAN STRAIGHTENING LOOK.

Serie Expert – a complete haircare system, with exclusive home care programme and in salon treatments

Vitamino colour – prolongs colour radiance, protects colour and enhances shine
Lumino colour – revives hi-lights with enhanced shine
Silver – counteracts any unwanted brassy tones brightens grey and hi- lighted hair


Absolut repair – repairs very damaged hair
Intense repair – protects hair from every day wear and tear
Solar sublime – rehydrates hair from sun and sea damage

Liss ultime – detangles and smoothes unwanted frizz
Shine curl – helps bounce back curls

Cleanse and control – to maintain healthy scalp


Solutions (by hive) Professional skin care system
Lash Perfect – Professional semi permanent eye lash extentions
Biosun Hopi ear candles – Natural and relaxing ear cleansing treatment
Caflon ear piercing – non allergenic sterilised and blister packed for complete safe piercing
Clean and Easy waxing - using roller head system for fast and hygienic body waxing
Essie – A luxury leader in nail care
Callus Peel – hard skin, callus removed just like orange peel
Natural Fairness – 100% natural, safe and effective skin lightening products
Smilegems - Beautiful Swarovski crystals applied to the tooth in minutes without drilling or pain that will not harm the tooth recognised by dental association and can last for up to one year.


Crystal Clear Pen –

A stroke of genius that lifts and firms instantly to brighten tired eyes...

You can reduce fine lines and puffiness around the eyes in an instant with the revolutionary eye pen, leaving your eyes brighter and fresher in seconds with just a few simple strokes.

Why risk surgery or invasive injections when the eye pen applies natural, scientifically proven active ingredients deep into the skin through a unique massaging action.The eye pen is lightweight and easy to use as part of your daily beauty routine.

Just 30 seconds a day can make years of difference. Suitable for all skin types. For more details, visit the exclusive eye pen website.

Crystal Clear Smoothing Cleansing Gel –
An ideal daily cleanser for sensitive skin...

Crystal Clear Cleansing Gel is a soap free cleanser that is so gentle that it is suitable for all complexions, even dry and sensitive skin.

Gentle foaming agents deeply cleansing and moisturise, while soothing and softening the skin. This Soothing Cleansing Gel is very effective for removing make-up and can also be used both men and women when shaving.

Crystal Clear Revitalising Tonic –
Energising and revitalising tired skin...

Crystal Clear Revitalising Tonic cleanses, refreshes and hydrates tired skin for a fresher, younger look. The gentle Revitalising Tonic not only wipes away deep impurities, it also revitalises and energises the skin with natural cucumber extract and marine oligo elements and maintains the natural moisture balance to enhance elasticity and freshness.

Alcohol free Crystal Clear Revitalising Tonic is suitable for all skin types especially dry, damaged, ageing and sensitive skin.

Crystal Clear Skin Brightening Complex –
Enjoy the glow of brighter, younger looking skin...

Crystal Clear Skin Brightening Complex immediately brightens dull, tired skin using natural active skin brightening, and protects and moisturises using SPF ingredients.

Skin Brightening Complex is also a major breakthrough for women with skin blemishes and pigmentation marks, as it helps the skin regain its natural radiance and clarity.

Crystal Clear Skin Repair Serum –
Clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and firm the skin...

Crystal Clear Skin Repair Serum refreshes and rejuvenates the appearance of your skin, leaving it firmer, smoother and better hydrated. It is scientifically proven to effectively reduce wrinkles and firm the skin, making it perfect for refreshing all skin types of any age.

In independent clinical trials conducted over a 21-day period, it was proven that Crystal Clear Skin Repair Serum reduced wrinkles by a mean depth of 22% and increased skin firmness by 14%.

Cystal Clear Reverse –
Clinically proven to combat the effects of the menopause on skin...

Crystal Clear Reverse is an exciting new way to deal with the problems of pre and post menopausal, dry and sensitive skin. During the menopause there can be dramatic changes in the skin structure that can't be dealt with using normal skin care products.

Crystal Clear Reverse is scientifically proven to rejuvenate menopausal skin, leaving it looking and feeling younger, brighter, smoother and firmer.

Crystal Clear Reverse can be used as a base for make-up and has the added benefit of easing the irritation of razor burn.

Crystal Clear Defence Mask –
A clinical answer to acne prone skin...

Crystal Clear Defence Mask is clinically proven to combat the problems of acne prone skin. This simple to use peel off formula leaves the skin feeling fresher, brighter and soothed and provides excellent skin care management for acne prone skin and oily, congested skin when used just twice a week.

A high level of active ingredients target the alpha reductor enzyme to reduce the excess sebum associated with acne prone skin.

In clinical trials, 90% of the germs associated with acne prone skin were diminished within one hour of use

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