This is our full range of nail care using Essie nail products. We always do full consultations and look after the clients nail care needs.

We work on the cuticle area, hard skin removal, exfoliate moisturise and massage of the hands and feet followed by nail polish.

Minx nail veneers are fashionable, dramatic nail coatings that cause no damage to the natural nail & last 2 to 4 weeks on hands & 6 to 10 weeks on feet!

The Minx manicure & pedicure line includes over 200 designer styles & sparkling metallic's available.

Minx requires no drying time & that means no spills, smudges or chips!

What Is Minx?

Minx is a solid film, with an adhesive backing that is heat activated. The heat gives
Minx the conformability to fit over the compound curve of a nail & seals the film onto the nail plate.

How Popular Is Minx?
Stars recently seen sporting Minx include:
Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Victoria Beckham, Leona Lewis, Mariah Carey & Lisa-Marie Presley


•The original power polish combines the ease of polish with incomparable high- gloss shine and extended 14 day wear
• Zero dry time
• No nail damage, because there are no drils or nail surface filing required
•Easy on & off in just 10 minutes